Modular RoRo deck

Modular decks for RoRo vessels (non-metallic)

Custom-made hull

Custom made hull for offshore vessel

Fully outfitted and modularised cabin

Multi material lightweight cabin for passenger ships

Panel system (bio-based and other)

Lightweight components for high loads and fire class

Composite block on steel deck

Composite superstructure module on steel deck for multi purpose vessels

Versatile walls

Integration of system for internal walls and superstructure
of cruise ships into shipyard processes

Lightweight rudder flap

Lightweight rudder flap

3D-printed propeller blade

Propeller blades by additive manufacturing

Panel system (truss structure)

Modular light system for less critical internal walls and superstructure

Aluminium composite panels

Lightweight aluminium and composite walls for work boats

High tensile steel decks

Lightweight decks using high tensile steel in cruise ships

Design details (high tensile steel)

Highly loaded structural details from high tensile steel
in passenger and research vessels

Patch repair - composite overlays

Composite overlay to repair and improve metallic and
non-metallic structures

RoRo deck

custom-made hull

cabin system

aluminium panels


versatile walls

rudder flap

propeller blade

truss structures

bio-based panels

steel decks

steel details

patch repair

The Projects first Periodic Review

18 months after the RAMSSES project was launched, the first Periodic Review took place on February 07th, 2019, in Regione Liguria's representation in Brussels. All 21 Work Package leaders presented an overview of the activities and first achievements to the Project Officer, Ms Renata Kadric from the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA). After lively discussions, Ms Kadric congratulated the consortium to the progress made. She underlined the importance of various aspects of the work, for example the short-term oriented development and demonstration of new lightweight products or the strategic goal to support the improvement of the European maritime industry's innovation capability.
The entire RAMSSES team thanks Ms Kadric for the excellent support and valuable advice and is looking forward to tackling the next 18 months.