Modular RoRo deck

Modular decks for RoRo vessels (non-metallic)

Custom-made hull

Custom made hull for offshore vessel

Fully outfitted and modularised cabin

Multi material lightweight cabin for passenger ships

Panel system (bio-based and other)

Lightweight components for high loads and fire class

Composite block on steel deck

Composite superstructure module on steel deck for multi purpose vessels

Versatile walls

Integration of system for internal walls and superstructure
of cruise ships into shipyard processes

Lightweight rudder flap

Lightweight rudder flap

3D-printed propeller blade

Propeller blades by additive manufacturing

Panel system (truss structure)

Modular light system for less critical internal walls and superstructure

Aluminium composite panels

Lightweight aluminium and composite walls for work boats

High tensile steel decks

Lightweight decks using high tensile steel in cruise ships

Design details (high tensile steel)

Highly loaded structural details from high tensile steel
in passenger and research vessels

Patch repair - composite overlays

Composite overlay to repair and improve metallic and
non-metallic structures

RoRo deck

custom-made hull

cabin system

aluminium panels


versatile walls

rudder flap

propeller blade

truss structures

bio-based panels

steel decks

steel details

patch repair

RAMSSES at the JEC Composites 2018

March 6-8, 2018 · Event

JEC is a trade show on composites and their applications that takes place in Paris annually. A statement on the event’s website says:

‘JEC World in Paris is the only trade show that unites the global composite industry: an indication of the industry’s commitment to an international platform where users can find a full spectrum of processes, new materials, and composite solutions’


Hence, everyone interested in getting in touch with the stakeholders in the Composite community, be it for business, be it for technology transfer, should show up at JEC once in a while.

CMT, responsible for communication management in RAMSSES (including dissemination, technology transfer and future concepts), attended JEC world 2018. Indeed, a broad range both of composite materials, processing technologies and application areas were represented. Applications in shipbuilding still have a minor share. When it comes to ‘marine’ applications, this is in most cases referring to yachts and offshore windmills. Considering this, it is highly encouraging that two solutions that stem from shipbuilding (Uljanik and Meyer Neptun) made it to the final in this year’s JEC innovation award. Even more, Uljanik finally received the award. After a series of RD&I projects on lightweight solutions in shipbuilding, solutions become more and more recognised in the community now.